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Travel Free to Guatemala

by casa.xelaju

Organize a group of 10 teachers and travel free to Guatemala

If you are willing to organize a group of teachers in your school district, you can travel free to Guatemala.

The minimum number of teachers a chaperone needs to recruit is 10 teachers to obtain a free trip to Guatemala which includes the following:  Homestay with a local family, private bedroom, three meals a day, free participation in our daily social and cultural activities which includes: hotels, ground transportation, access to parks, breakfasts during field trips, a round trip ticket from your city to Guatemala City, 30% off for Spanish classes.

Casa Xelaju will print your name, telephone, and e-mail address on our website so interested teachers from other states can contact you directly.

For more info, please contact info(AT)cx.edu.gt or 612 281 5705

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